Solvalley School [v4.0.0] + Multi Mod

v 4.0.0
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6 June 2024
v 4.0.0
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Solvalley School is a mix of Dating Sim and Visual Novel. It deals with the adventures of Alex, a young student at local school. It is up to the player to develop Alex’s abilities to try and win as many girls as possible. There are more than 30 girls for Alex to know (and relate to). The player can walk around the city, work in the bar, train in the gym or be a good boy and spend the days studying. There are almost 100 events available, several and several hours of gameplay and numerous animated scenes.​

What's new

1. Date Valentina (normal + repeatable version)
2. Harem: Anna and Lucy
3. Harem: Ending scene
4. School Prom
5. Ending scene: Emma
6. Sabrina's house
7. Lisa's sharing ending
8. Extra gallery scene: Sabrina's house (sharing variation)

Additions to old scenes:
1. Tatiana, Fenella, Scotty - Sex Club ending (sharing)
2. Verdi and Kirk - Verdi's ending (sharing)

New features:
1. Walkthrough

Mod Info

  • Auto detects if you haven’t assigned a main character name previously and requests you to input one
  • New games will always ask if you want to change the main character’s name
  • Added a background image of a keyboard and monitor when using the computer
  • Added a background image of the main character holding a phone when using a phone
  • Changed emails so when you finish reading an email it will return you to the email screen instead of the main computer screen
  • Added change name buttons to all the girls on the “Girls” character screens
  • Improved save/load screens
    • I scaled the save icons down to 75% of their original size to allow for more on screen at once
    • Increased saves per page from 4 to 9
    • I renamed “A” to “Auto Saves”, “Q” to “Quick Saves” and moved them to the line above.
    • I also added 2 buttons (Next to the “Auto Saves” and “Quick Saves” buttons) which allow you to view more page numbers
    • I moved the buttons that moves you to the next or previous page to above the save icons
  • Improved preferences screen by adding tabs, it will also remember the last tab viewed and display that first:
    • General tab (Includes all the base game preferences minus the audio settings)
    • Audio tab (no more need to keep scrolling when you’re trying to fine-tune the audio)
    • Mod options tab:
      • Splash screen: On/Off (This allows you to disable the warning screen that appears after launching the game”)
      • Unlock Gallery: On/Off (This will unlock all gallery scenes)
      • Default Menu: Save/Load/Preferences (This will allow you to choose which menu you want to show up first when pausing)
      • Cheat Menu: On/Off (When enabled the Status screen will have a cheats options which includes options for editing money, stats and enabling item stats
      • Quick Menu: Edit (Allows you to enable/disable quick menu buttons)
  • Moved Extra scenes to a tab located inside “Replay gallery”
  • Improved Gallery screen by adding a scroll bar for easier navigation
  • Added “Missing” tab inside “Replay gallery” which includes all the scenes that are missing from the “Girls” character screens
  • Added “New” tab inside “Replay gallery” which lists all the new scenes that were added in the latest update
  • Improved Walk-Through screen by adding a scroll bar for easier navigation
  • Improved the “Girls” screen so it now displays the name of the girl under each icon
  • Renamed the “Help” screen to “Controls” and tidied it up a bit
  • Revamped each of the Girls Replay screens
  • Completely revamped the Item screen so it looks nicer, Improved descriptions and added item stats
  • Completely revamped “Status” screen:
    • Cheats (Requires Cheats to be enabled in the “Preferences” “Mod Options” tab):
      • Money (Add, Remove, Set)
      • Strength (Increase, Decrease, Set)
      • Intelligence (Increase, Decrease, Set)
      • Appearance (Increase, Decrease, Set)
      • Show Item Stats / Hide Item Stats
    • Change name button
    • Reset all names button
  • Completely revamped shop screens
  • Fixed multiple bugs from the base game
  • Added Completed and Unlocked variables at the end of each scene. The Completed variable is set to true when the scene is finished even in the replay gallery whereas the Unlocked variable is only set to true during the story, this way you can use the gallery unlocker without it affecting whether the scene has been unlocked
  • Added an option when starting a new save to reset all replay gallery scenes for people who want a fresh start
  • Added a new Investment option of $10000 at the bank

For a more in-depth breakdown check the change-log spoiler